The Sweet Smell of the Season

My first mango of summer 2012.

I don’t know when people started to use touch to test ripeness.  Smell your fruit, people.

It should be pungent, like this mango.  You’d have to be a Dustbuster to smell a mango from Guatemala at your neighborhood Whole Foods Market.

If you can smell your fruit, you won’t end up with a mealy, dry peach or a metallic-tasting mango.

If this isn’t a reminder I don’t know what is.

Let the Holiday Begin!

23E may be the very center of the Boeing 777. That’s where I’m sitting, and it might as well be first class. I wouldn’t know the difference right now with how excited I’m am, about to depart Miami on my first leg to Rome, via London, for a two week holiday touring mostly the northern regions of my favorite country in the world. I’ll be logging what I can via iPad here, as I make my way through Rome, Florence, Valle d’Aosta, Milan, Stresa and the lakes region of Lombardy, Bergamo, Orvieto and more. Buon viaggio!